Education Industry Fleets

Educational institutions has industry specific requirments to run / own a fleet of vehicles. Buses, vans and other fleets run by an Education institute need to have AIS-140 mandatory compliance from 1st April 2019. You can manage and track any number of vehicle assets through Easyfleets Fleet Management System. System generates route cards on a daily basis to plan and monitor each route a bus takes every day. The system assigns buses to indivudual drivers depending on their schedules and absence. Issue tracker helps raise any identified issues on a real-time basis, enables faster response to issues helping fleets to have a reduced down time.


All fleet assets in the Education industry can be tracked with state of the art tracker devices that are AIS-140 compliant. Our system can provide

  • Manage fleet assets & Drivers
  • Create Job / Route Cards
  • Preventative maintenance schedules for reduced down time
  • Intelligent routing for reduce costs and optimise routes
  • Fuel Expenses and other expenses tracking
  • Inspection forms to be Industry Compliant
  • Job level Profit & Loss
  • Route geo-fencing and many more...

Improve Productivity

Stop relying on multiple spreadsheets and piles of paperwork to manage your fleet. Easyfleets gives you quick access to your fleet data when you need it.

Reduce asset downtime

Avoid breakdowns and never miss a maintenance task again. Ensure your assets remain in peak condition with complete inspection, maintenance and repair workflows.

Enhance communication

Fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, parts managers, supervisors and more can all work together in one easy-to-use system with EasyFleets.

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