Manage every fleet asset

You can manage and track any number of vehicle assets through Easyfleets Fleet Management System. Our web applications lets you create groups by business specific custom classification of assets such as trucks, forklifts, diggers, crushers, 18-wheeler trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and so on. EasyFleets asset management is flexible enough to let a cusomter manage their fleets and track all their assets under their named groups. Various reports can be run on these custom groups to enable industry specific custom insights.

Asset Management Solution
Improve Productivity

Stop relying on multiple spreadsheets and piles of paperwork to manage your fleet. Easyfleets gives you quick access to your fleet data when you need it.

Reduce asset downtime

Avoid breakdowns and never miss a maintenance task again. Ensure your assets remain in peak condition with complete inspection, maintenance and repair workflows.

Enhance communication

Fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, parts managers, supervisors and more can all work together in one easy-to-use system with EasyFleets.

Maintain all vehicles of a fleet and their equipment easily

Assets Maintenance

EasyFleets helps track inventory of all vehicles of a fleet, their status records, drivers’ information, significant dates and all in a single place.

  • Parts Installed
  • Issues Monitoring
  • Service Reminders
  • Vehicle Renewal Reminders
  • Work Orders
  • Fuel Costs
  • Service Costs
  • Contact Renewal Reminders

Asset Tracking

With asset management, tracking any variety of motorized vehicles is easy, as you can store details such as the description of the asset, model, make, photos, serial number, or any custom details. You can get the flexibility with as many custom fields as you need to store matchless information unique to your fleet asset. You can select from miles, hours, kilometers, gallons, or define customized details if you are using a metered tracking. Vehicle location tracking and the insights from the tracked data are very helpful in making an informed management decision.

  • Track your vehicles based on their daily activities.
  • Your fleet vehicles are constantly on the move, you can easily see where they’ve been based on tasks and activities.
  • See the last known location of any vehicle either based on GPS (transportation) or RFID (underground mines) tracked data.
Document Management

Synchronize photos, documents and essential dossiers online


Access crucial papers, images, and files related to fleet with EasyFleets all times from anywhere.

  • Warranty files
  • All vehicle photos
  • Loan and purchase files
  • Accident reports
Fleet Expensives

Evaluate fleet operations and costs

Operations Cost

Data visibility is key for surfacing actionable insight that keeps everyone in your fleet informed. From c-suite to back office, on the road and in the shop, team members have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at optimal speed.

  • All operating cost data in one place
  • Identify & manage exceptions
  • Track asset reliability & durability
  • Standardize vehicle purchasing

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