Optimize your fleet for peak fuel efficiency

You can manage and track any number of vehicle assets through many applications like classifications of assets such as trucks, 18-wheeler trucks, heavy vehicles, and light vehicles and so on. EasyFleets asset management is flexible that can include any type or variety of assets that runs on fuel and need preventive maintenance.

Fuel is one of your largest fleet expenses.


Unlock critical insights into fuel performance without laborious spreadsheets.

  • Parts Installed
  • Issues Monitoring
  • Service Reminders
  • Vehicle Renewal Reminders
  • Work Orders
  • Fuel Costs
  • Service Costs
  • Contact Renewal Reminders
Simplify fuel data collection

Log data and upload receipts on the road through "Easyfleets FMS". EasyFleets even integrates with popular fuel cards to automate data collection and save you time.

Understand fuel costs

Obtain critical fleet metrics without spreadsheet gymnastics. EasyFleets puts cost-per-mile, MPG, fuel costs per day and more at your fingertips.

Manage exceptions, track progress

Measure cost-per-mile and miles-per-gallon improvement by vehicle or for your entire fleet. EasyFleets makes it easy to monitor fuel efficiency trends.

Size up and bring down fuel expenses

Track trends, identify shortages, and improve vehicle management with transparent dashboard.

  • Be aware of your fuel savings economy
    Get your fuel savings economic results basing on your choice of measurement units.
  • Get per mile fuel cost for every vehicle
    Understand of a vehicle's fuel expense for operating per mile cost basis.
  • Cut down fuel stealing
    EasyFleets notifies fuelled entry recorded at a place.

Easy feeding of fuel data


Familiarize three ways to feed fuel data to keep track in Easyfleets FMS for knowing fuel metrics for appropriate actions.

  • Link up fuel cards
    Import fuel entries automatically from linked up fuel cards.
  • Make entries on the move
    EasyFleets OneSource mobile app allows drivers to upload fuel entry receipts on the move helping them save time on tracking receipt documents.
  • Carry your fuel data
    Import, save and carry fuel entries in a CSV from other types of forms.

Unearth your fuel trend insight

Have your fuel economy and consumption in total or vehicle wise in a measurement unit of your choice. EasyFleets optimizes sharing fuel information such as consumption figures, tracking shortages and vehicle allocation.

  • Customize reporting
    Report on fuel performance in aggregate or by vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement.
  • View costs in real time
    See fuel cost data for your assets to help optimize allocation and financial forecasting.
  • Print or export data
    EasyFleets makes sharing critical fuel data quick and simple with easy exports and printable PDFs.

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