Manage your parts inventory and reorder items with ease


Parts represent over one third of vehicle maintenance costs.

Whether you manage inventory in-house or just want to monitor spare parts and supplies usage on your vehicles, Easyfleets keeps track of it all.

Optimize inventory levels

Track quantities, parts usage and receive reorder notifications to ensure you always have the right parts on-hand to keep your vehicles on the road.

Reduce part costs

Properly manage inventory quantities and locations to avoid purchasing and/or storing unnecessary parts.

Streamline purchasing processes

Improve the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies, lowering costs and avoiding vehicle downtime.

Manage parts inventory from anywhere

Track fleet parts and supplies with ease using Easyfleets's web-based inventory system and barcode scanning mobile app.

  • Track multiple warehouses and part locations
  • Get automatic reorder notifications
  • Quickly update inventory quantities
  • Assign parts to work orders
  • Track parts usage by vehicle

Maintain an online parts database


Keep track of all part details and get insight into part usage. Instantly import your part database into Easyfleets and begin managing quantities. No more spreadsheets!

  • Bulk manage manufacturers, vendors, unit quantity, locations and more
  • Print barcode labels to scan using a mobile app
  • Get an aggregate view of parts by vehicle or location

Make reordering simple with purchase orders

Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies. Create restock orders from inventory alerts, control purchases with approval workflows and get visibility into purchasing.

  • Reduce purchasing overhead
  • Control purchases and reduce wasteful spending
  • View pricing history by vendor

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