Track details of cost of specific maintenance service jobs in one centralized report

Program, organize and get specific maintenance jobs done and expenses incurred

Workshop Management

Work Orders help fleets with a powerful design to track executed works, components used and know cost of each service to know a vehicle's overall handling expenditure over its lifecycle.

  • Parts Installed
  • Issues Monitoring
  • Service Reminders
  • Vehicle Renewal Reminders
  • Work Orders
  • Fuel Costs
  • Service Costs
  • Contact Renewal Reminders

Set up Work Orders straight from vehicle's recorded problematic issues

Note down Vehicle's problematic issues manually or automatically in EasyFleets straight from unsuccessful inspection issues and alerts. Include them in a fresh or ongoing Work Order, and entrust to a proper mechanic to ensure nothing left unattended.

  • Be aware of your fuel savings economy
    Get your fuel savings economic results basing on your choice of measurement units.
  • Get per mile fuel cost for every vehicle
    Understand of a vehicle's fuel expense for operating per mile cost basis.
  • Cut down fuel stealing
    EasyFleets notifies fuelled entry recorded at a place.

Deal with specific demands of services for every vehicle


Maintain track of service demands with details of what, where, when, and who associated. Assign work orders to vendors and individual supervisors. Add photographs and detailed explanations to give value to the vehicle issues requiring service.

  • Maintenance duties
  • Vendor duty assignment
  • Photographs & explanations
  • Details of parts & line items job
  • Subtotals for Parts & labor
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Form fields

Access all Work Order records

View a vehicle's all Work Order records in a centralized report enabling you to know details, expenses with dates with one click.


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